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Milinta is a company located in Montréal.

We are consultants, computer specialists.

We provide hardware and software solutions.

We can use just about any langage and the latest acronyms but we specialise in APL and its sibling langage, J.

We also provide turnkey systems.

Milinta also sells ContentKeeper.

ContentKeeper is a web filtering tool. ContentKeeper is extremely good at restricting your internet connection to business use.

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APL is multi purpose langage used all over the world.

Created many years ago, APL has been adapting to the ever changing world conditions.

First on mainframes you can now use on anything that can be programmed, mostly PCs running Windows© and Linux.

It can also be used as a server. Here is an example of a search engine in APL.








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You can join us at (514) 529-0106 or 877-MILINTA (877-645-4682)

Email : support(at) (add 'website' in the subjet)